Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two


This is the second weekend we spent working on the Peacock Library. Yesterday we only had a little bit of time, and painted the kitchen with one coat before going to Dan and Justine's engagement party. As usual with all the family gatherings in La Canada, it was festive, friendly and had great food and drink. We arrived a little early to clean up and change. Then we helped set up out on the lawn, though most of the work was already done. Dan's family had also come from Florida for the event - they're all very friendly, smart, and completely in keeping with Dan, who is salt of the earth good people.

This morning we were up early and off to the P.L. - I painted the bathroom and finished the kitchen while we waited for reinforcements. Throughout the day we hauled about a half ton (literally) of whitewall from Home Depot to the house. Then pyr8queen and her father went and got a really nice piece of mission style furniture to be the entertainment center in the living room. One of my friends from back in the Scarlet Pimpernel days watched Eowyn while I finished painting in the bathroom and kitchen, and my mother-in-law varnished the inside of the kitchen cabinetry. Then we had to haul everything out of the house and into the garage in preparation for the flooring guys to redo all the hardwood this week. After that, plumbing and electricity, and moving in. I'd really like to move in next weekend, but it's looking like that's not a very good prospect.

Eowyn is relentlessly cheerful. She crawls at top speed all over the house, or rides me like a horsey, or stands up and pushes a chair around to balance on - all while giggling, screeching and babbling. Sure, someone has to watch her all the time, but her temperament has been as sunny as July, and she's a friend to everyone she meets.

Tonight is the season premiere of Game of Thrones. I'm still a little crushed that the script I pitched never got me a meeting with the HBO team...and so I've always been a little less engaged with the show as a result. But in the middle of all this domestic labor, we haven't observed it at all. Last year we had a big party at Steve and Kate's, and it was a great time. This year...I haven't even seen it yet, and it's been recorded for two hours.

Blink is sacked out on his dog bed in the corner. P is trying to get Eowyn to sleep, though she fights sleep as if it were robbing her of her chance to witness something stupendous. The shelves are bare of books, and most of the boxes already in storage in the new garage. It's odd to think that I've finally arrived at some sort of stable, middle class life. But here I am. I've failed a lot along the way - certainly never made my mark as a writer, at least not yet. But somewhere in there, I collected a group of amazing people that are kind, intelligent, generous, loving, and full of life.

My new policy is to, at any given moment, do what I think future me thinks I ought to have done. But I think future me would recognize that this is the good part. Everyone is healthy and happy. Are fortunes are on the rise. We are incredibly, profoundly lucky to live on top of a hill where the Pacific sea breeze swirls in through our living room window, with a healthy family who are supportive and above all - fun to be around. I think I can take a second to savor that.

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