Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

To Eowyn, Three Months Old

Dear Eowyn;

You are three months old, and we love you more than can easily be expressed. But we'll have a lifetime of hugs and kisses, of encouraging words, proud looks and the best attempt I can make at putting in words how much I love you. And even then it won't be long enough, not nearly enough to show you how I feel. But it will have to do.

And this is how our day goes with you, typically. You are a very good sleeper, and normally you sleep until 7:30 in the morning or so, which is after I've gotten up. Your mother sleeps in with you though, since she stays up with you when you need her in the night. And when you wake up, she feeds you a little and then hands you off to me. And you are all smiles in the morning, my little darling. From the moment I've got you, and the light of recognition slowly blooms in your eyes, and a wide smile covers your whole face. You'll put your hands over your cheeks and look away, like you're just so overcome with giddiness that you can't even stand to look anymore. Then I'll clean you up and change you into one of your little outfits, which you are swiftly outgrowing.

Not long after this, I'll have to leave for work. Right about the same time your mother will put you in your snuggly pack to take you for a walk in the neighborhood. This is a sure sign to Blink the dog that it's time for what I call a "monkey parade." He's the Big Monkey and you're Tiny Monkey, and the monkey parade is one of the highlights of Blink's day. Throughout the day your mom feeds you, then plays with you in various ways - she reads a book full of animals and the noises they make. She puts you in a little activity gym thing we have, and you'll bat at the dangling, rattling toys.

At some point in the evening I'll get back from work. Often this is the chance for Pascale to go swimming, and you and I will play together until she returns. If you make the funny "BLAT!" sound that you make to announce displeasure, I'll warm up a bottle of milk for you, and we'll sit on the couch and feed it to you. You enjoy the bottles very much, and like to play with the rubber nipple, rolling it around on your gums and smacking your lips with great relish. Then it's bath time - in your little plastic tub. There's a little washcloth we have that is shaped like a puppet with a pirate on it. I'll hold it up and make pirate-y noises and you'll giggle and smile while I give you a wash. Then I'll wrap you up in a towel, dry you off and put you in some clean pajamas. Then we'll walk around, sometimes go on a little Monkey Parade with Blink, until eventually you fall asleep.

When you're in the pack and sleepy, you look around over the edge of the padded pack, peering with  huge eyes. You turn your head from side to side suddenly, like an owl, when you want to see something else. And then slowly your eyelids start to droop, and you'll yawn, and nod your head. Your head will get  heavier and heavier, and hit my chest. Then you'll wake a little and perk up, only to repeat the slow collapse. Eventually your head on your hands and your hands on my chest, you'll be out, properly asleep.

"The din of work is subdued,
another day has westered
and mantling darkness arrived.
Peace! Peace!"

We'll try and slide you into your cradle without waking you up, but it doesn't always work. If you do wake, you'll look up, slowly focusing, and then again that incandescent smile. But sleep always works its magic, in the end, and we'll have an hour or two if we're lucky to watch a little TV, or play a game, or more likely than not, just read for a while with you asleep in the bascinet.

You're very cheerful. You never cry, though sometimes you fuss if you're hungry, or so tired you've forgotten how to sleep. You smile a lot, and brilliantly always. You make happy, warbling, lilting sounds - the happier you are the longer and more loud. And it's almost always long and loud, because your'e a happy creature, and your happiness is part of mine, and together the sum is greater than the parts.

May it always be so.

Your father.

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