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first excursion together

first excursion together by aghrivaine
first excursion together, a photo by aghrivaine on Flickr.

Dear Eowyn;
You and I went on our first trip around town together last night. Of course the whole family has gone plenty of places together, and you and I (and Blink) take plenty of walks around the neighborhood. But this was the first time I bundled you into the car and took you some place while your mother was out swimming.

You are probably a born speed-demon, because you fuss and sometimes cry at red lights, but are quiet and content the moment the car gets moving. The trip over to the store was uneventful, though if you have some inexplicable hatred of Lincoln Blvd later in life, the explanation is this; too many red lights!

I got you in your snuggly at CostCo. By the time we made it into the store, you were almost asleep, and several people had commented on how cute you are. Within minutes you were fast asleep, your hands in front of your face on my chest, and your face resting on your hands. I took this picture because it was ridiculously cute.

The trip was quite ordinary, except it's the first time you and I did something alone together, just you and I. I'm sure we'll have lots of adventures in the future too - but this went smoothly. You're a good traveling companion, Eowyn. And I love you.

Your father.


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