Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

The Infinite Miracle of You

There is a universe. A thing that exists, rather than nothing existing. This is a miracle, the greatest miracle in the history of the universe. No wait, it's not, not quite.

In the midst of a universe that is mostly empty - we call it space, but this does short service to what it is, suggesting that it has no purpose other than to measure the missing bits between things that exist, matter and energy. But it is so much more than that, it is the void, it is the fabric of existence, and this is frankly astonishing. But even more so, even more wonderful is that in this incredible void-fabric in the midst of the breathtaking miracle of mere existence, in some place the great enemy, entropy, falters, and matter and energy combine in to ever more complex forms. This is the most profound truth and miracle in the universe., not quite.

In the midst of this infinite void, there is a rock that is hurtling through the universe, by some miracle, in orbit around a star. And a universe that is, despite being staggeringly, mind-bendingly empty, it is still full of stars, in an infinite variety - but this one, this one perfect star and this one perfect planet exist in just the right attitude, distance, orbital path, spin and mass to permit water to exist in its liquid state. This is a miracle, but still not the most amazing miracle in the universe.

Because on this rock hurtling through the void, there is life. Glorious living things, that hiss, bark, chitter and roar their defiance at entropy, the great destroyer, and insist on evolving into ever-more complex forms in generation after generation of competition for resources, mates and immortality. What an incredible thing this is - the mind can not comprehend how unlikely this is, how many variables must all fall just into place, just so, to allow this - a nickel core rotating to create a magnetosphere, that shields these infinitely fragile living things from the cosmic rays of the universe. Liquid water that is gaseous, solid and liquid again by turns to create an ever-changing environment that renews itself. Miraculously! Surely this must be the great miracle of existence, but no, not yet.

Amidst all those living things, somehow in the millions of years of the existence of this fragile rock hurtling through the infinite void, somehow some of them became self-aware and became humans. And they learned to speak! With each other! And they slowly, just ever so slowly started to comprehend the enormity of existence and the impossible unlikelihood of their place in the universe. But there they were, and they grew, defying entropy more and more. They made tools, and kept animals and cultivated plants and changed the face of the world they live on. That we live on. We made language, and art, and song, and writing, and as many stars as there are in the sky, humans made beautiful, important things.

And somehow we avoided extinguishing each other. Somehow we became more than a troop of baboons, and we learned the most important thing humans ever learned, compassion. For in caring for each other we care for all, and we, as a species, thrive. We love. We are elevated by the act of loving, and being loved.

There has been an unbroken string of miracle from the moment of the birth of the universe through all its billions of years, to create what is almost, almost the greatest miracle of them all - the glory of human life, the profound, sublime truth of the universe experiencing itself through consciousness. And that string has carried on, through supernovas and ice-ages, through millions of years of single-celled life to dinosaurs, to humans.

And finally, the most incredible miracle in the whole history of the universe. You. You, Eowyn, you the tiny, beautiful creature that lay fussing and stretching and squeaking on my chest tonight. You have just opened your eyes. You are just barely awake and conscious. But you are the most beautiful, miraculous thing that has ever happened in the whole history of the universe, and I am absolutely beggared, brought to my knees, by the love and honor and joy that I feel, because you exist.

You are my miracle.

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