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An open letter to the American Right

This is for my conservative and/or Republican friends. Hi guys. You just lost an election, but it was a real squeaker. That tells me the electorate is pretty divided on some key issues, and just a few tactical moves or a larger coalition of voters would have netted you the win.

So here's some advice - be nicer to women. Seriously gentlemen, when a discernible percentage of your candidates keep opening their traps up about rape - and about how maybe it's not really all that bad, or maybe the consequences are actually good; you need to seriously evaluate how that's going to play with anyone other than middle-aged white conservative men and religious zealots. Because in reality, there are a lot of women out there voting, and when they hear stuff like that they figure it's just the tip of the iceberg on how deep fear and loathing for women goes on the American Right.

"Soft on rape" just isn't a campaign platform you can use, and win. So if you're thinking, "Hey, maybe I can be the voice of reason that gets women to soften their stance on rape!" Let me just assure you, you're not. You're really not. Your astute comments on reddit, facebook, and other social media sites are also very persuasive, in exactly the opposite of the way you intend; it makes perfectly clear you definitely should not be elected.

So here's a thought; peel off some of the Democrats' coalition by becoming concerned with the welfare of women, for real. Yeah yeah, we all get it - you claim by providing jobs and low taxes for women, that's the most important thing they need. But that tactic didn't work, and I'm perilously certain your (apparently) pro-rape agenda did have a pretty significant impact. A large percentage of people have been sexually assaulted, and when they hear white men trying to reassure them it's not "forcible" or "legitimate" or a "gift from god" - it's triggering in the worst way. Do you know what "triggering" means? You probably do, but I get the feeling your candidates don't, or they don't really believe it's a thing, since it can't ever happen to them or any of the people who they think are the "real America."

Whatever happened to defending our wives, sisters and daughters? Or just fellow human beings regardless of gender? Whatever happened to being principally concerned with fairness and equality? Start from that position, and *then* maybe your ideas about economic progress will sway some voters, and you might win the next one. I for one, despite being opposed to your politics, would welcome vigorous, competent candidates from the Right who are not either themselves loony-tunes, or beholden to an utterly bonkers extremist gatekeeper within the party.

But until then - seriously, with all due respect, stop talking about rape. It's disgusting.

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