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Jealous of my Dog

I woke up at 5AM today, and was sleepless for a good long while. At around 6, pyr8queen got up and went to work. After she left, Blink got up on the bed. It was still dark, but I was reading on the iPad e-reader, so when he loomed over me to check on me, all I could see were gleaming fangs. I gave him a scratch and he turned around a couple of times and went promptly to sleep.

I finally did fall asleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up, I reached for my phone and Blink looked up, a little bleary. He flexed his paws at me and did a minute arch of his back, as if to say, "We good? We're good." Then his head dropped right back down like someone cut the strings on a marionette, and he was out. In the time it took me to send two moves on "Words With Friends" he was back in a sleep so deep he was making little running motions with his paws.

I really envy that dog's ability to move in and out of sleep so quickly. I swear I wouldn't waste the day sleeping, I would just use it to get 8 good hours of restful sleep.

Not my dharma, though. I did get up and do what I think is a pretty good routine for mornings on unemployment; made some coffee while I did the dishes. Watched a little tv (No Reservations, in this case) while I drank coffee and woke up. Then Blink and I went for a ramble in the neighborhood. I dropped him off and headed off to the gym, did a thorough workout, and ran a couple of errands on the way home. I'm now going to spend some time writing and job-hunting before I goof off a little.

Not too bad for a first day, even with a lack of sleep.

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