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Running With A Dog

Some dogs are good running dogs. Some aren't. Beowful was pretty good, actually, the one time he didn't try to pull at the lead was when we were running together. I'm a slowpoke, and he wasn't built for speed either, so his steady lope was about the same as my gasping-for-oxygen-like-the-first-mudskipper pace.

But Blink - he's built for speed. He runs with his whole body, bunching up and stretching out mid-air. One time while chasing a tennis ball, I faked him out so he ran one way, and then threw the ball in the other direction. When he caught on to my trick, he doubled-down with a gear I didn't even know he had, and ran by me so fast that I literally heard a whoooosh as he blurred past.

So last night I set out for a run, and brought Blinkimus Numptius with me. I was tired from work, drained from drama, and pre-occupied. I figured about all I had in me was a brisk walk, after all. So I set out to do that. It was blazing hot, I had a thousand lame excuses, etc. etc.

The dog knows no excuses. The dog knows only the elemental joy of RUN. He would take off, and get stopped short. He'd drop back to a walk, then sort of to a lope and I'd find myself hauling back on the lead again. Finally he gave me this look that said, "But WHY?" with a mournful look at the horizon.

So I ran. I ran at a jog, and he picked it up to his little trot that is just as fast as my run. Then even that was slowing him down, so I pushed it a little harder, and he started his high-stepping happy trot that is about the same speed as my sprint. We ran, and every now and again he'd drop back to let me pass for a couple of paces, and then SPRING forward with a leaping bound, and try and sprint, if only for a second. Finally after we'd done the tour of the neighborhood and looped back around to my block, I let him off the leash. He rocketed down the block, stopped with his head low and his tail high and wagging, and then bounded back towards me at full speed. Like a spaceship slingshotting around the sun, he came up short and then blazed past me again.

i arrived at home covered in sweat, completely blown, shakey like a newborn colt. Blink was bright eyed and bushy-tailed, and just sauntered right in to go try and sniff a cat's butt like he had barely even stepped outside.

He's a good running dog, that Blink. He makes me want to go faster. Even when I don't want to.

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