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Dear U.S. Politicians

Dear U.S. Politicians:
I don't care what party you are. If you care about the following issues, the first three of which I believe are a direct threat to democracy itself, I will vote for you, contribute money to your campaign, and encourage people to support you.

1. Campaign finance reform: Currently any entity, foreign or domestic can contribute unlimited funds to any candidate with zero accountability, thanks to "Citizens United." Our government has been bought and sold, and no one knows by whom. This must change.

2. Election reform: Efforts to disenfranchise voters since 2000 with the thin veneer of preventing election fraud have resulted in disproportionate numbers of elderly, poor and minority voters losing their most fundamental right and responsibility. Fix this egregious abuse, immediately. There has been no documented instance of electoral fraud, but disenfranchising 10 million Americans certainly is a travesty.

3. No more gerrymandering: Over the past 20 years or so, local party officials (and it's just one party doing this, but if that same party were to reverse their position, I would absolutely suppor them...) have redefined Congressional districts in ways that are geographically impossible, but insure that the voters in that district will consistently elect their party. This runs exactly counter to the spirit of a democratic republic, and must be stopped.

4. Budget reform: Much has been made of this, but no one is even willing to address the most obvious solution: to reduce the absurd military spending, which takes 60% of our annual discretionary funds. Our current defense budget is greater than the next 20 largest nations, combined. How about this - let's reduce it to 20% greater than the 2nd largest defense budget in the world? BOOM - no more deficit. It is completely surreal that not a single candidate is even willing to discuss this.

Neither party is talking about any of these issues. This is a shameful farce. When people say it doesn't matter which party you vote for - this is why; both have been bought and sold by corporate interests, and neither have any intention of changing that. The future of our nation is at risk as a result. Please attend to this immediately. Whichever party does - I will register and vote for your party.

David V. Krieger
U.S. Army veteran

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