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Brand New Dog

Well, more like gently used. Even now pyr8queen is off to pick up Beaa, the newest member of our family. Not actually named after Bea Arthur, Beaa is a celtic word meaning something, and is a male name. And he's a handsome dog, too - white and sort of fluffy, about the same size as Blink, but more muscular. He looks vaguely wolf-like, in a cute-and-fuzzy all white kind of way.

He was a friend's dog, but the relocated after a breakup to a (happy) new arrangement which doesn't allow for pets. Her ex took care of him, but due to a hectic schedule has left Beaa chained up in the back yard and largely neglected. He was apparently acting out, no surprise for a lonely and neglected dog - so we're going to take him in and provide him a loving home. He and Blink are already good buddies, having gone on several hikes together and generally getting along like firetrucks and malt liquor.

I hope with some love, attention, thorough washing and firm discipline, he'll turn back into a well-behaved, charming dog that we can find a forever-home for. Whatever the case, there was talk of leaving him at a shelter or even putting him down - and that simply will not do - not on my watch!

Beaa arrives tonight, and I'm excited to have him join us...though of course worried that Blink will be jealous or unhappy. Hopefully he's just excited to have a buddy join his pack! Blink will always be top dog, but Beaa is too sweet to let anything bad happen to him if I can help it.

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