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Back deck view

Back deck view by aghrivaine
Back deck view, a photo by aghrivaine on Flickr.

We went and looked at a house this weekend. It is an incredible opportunity - a rambling 1920's craftsman ranch-house with four bedrooms, an amazing kitchen, a guest-house, barn, pool, and a master bedroom suite that is nearly as large as our current house. And this is the view from the back deck.

It is in Tujunga, which is an inconvenient location to say the least. It also presents wildfire hazard, and as recent years have proved, this is not negligible.

Still, it's the first place we've found that has everything we're looking for, plus a lot of potential for more, and in a price-range we can basically afford. And the notion of sitting on this deck with coffee and a book in the morning ...well, that appeals to me quite a bit.


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