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What is Dead Can Never Die

I can't pretend I wasn't horrified at S2E02 of Game of Thrones. Littlefinger, one of my favorite characters from the book, has devolved into an unsubtle, unclever pimp; Rakharo is dead, Salaador Saan is a strange pervert, and  Asha Greyjoy has gone from tall, strong, dark-haired, beautiful and laughing to dumpy, blonde, sullen, short and very plain, in addition to be re-named "Yarra." There are more nitpicks, but my principle objections are to the vast change in Littlefinger. It's inevitable that there will be added or modified or removed scenes, the nature of changing from one medium to another. But so long as they're in the spirit of the original material, it's fine by me, fanboy that I am. But much of this departure seems not in the same spirit, and more in the spirit of Saturday Night Live's explanation - a 13 year old boy as line producer.

So this week's episode was even more of a departure, with relatively little of the material actually coming from the books, and quite a bit of it wholly fabricated. This time, at least, however the departures *were* in the spirit of the books, though the change in character of Margaery Tyrell is quite pronounced. As were her boobs, and maybe neither of those things should be a big surprise at this point, I suppose. Anyway though, I was a bit more relieved. And still delighted by Balon Greyjoy.

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