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Space Opera Dream

Compliments of Night Nurse, the UK's vorpal version of Nyquil, I have had some crazy dreams lately, but last night's really took the biscuit. It was a space opera action movie that made sense from beginning, middle and end. It involved a crew of space explorers. These weren't shiny, clean adventurers ala Star Trek or idealistic archetypes, like Star Wars, but people doing a sort of gritty, blue-collar job. The galaxy was full of alien ruins, like, everywhere - but none of those ruins had any evidence of the people who inhabited them, or any functioning machines. The team was basically rednecks and grease-monkeys in space, dismantling big inoperative machine for either scrap, or the few little pieces that would be sold to wealthy people back on Earth as living-room knicknacks to show off their taste. There were a couple of "company men" (though one was a woman) and scientists. The conflict starts right away - first, there's a mutiny by the workers against the company - they've agreed to kill the company people, steal the ship and its cargo, and go to take a partner's stake in a new company who have put them up to this. They shoot and kill one of the suits. Meanwhile, I was seeing things from the POV of the other company woman, who had been dropped off on a rock ledge by one of the mutineers, exposing her to fire from a sniper with a really big f'n gun. But she saw it coming, and dove into a crevice in the rock escarpment.  She was trapped, knowing that the mutineers could just use the little rocket-bike they dropped her off with to come and get her. But she had a hangun (everyone had sidearms, like a cowboy movie) and could at least have a chance that way.

Meanwhile! The scientist who was with the expedition was hauling things out of cargo. Apparently they had one alien artifact that actually had some power emanating from it, though it had never actually done anything, they would drag it around and stick it next to other alien doodads, and see if it did anything. It was shaped like a surfboard, and would hover off the ground. But it would also repel anything on top of it just like it repelled the floor. Making it basically useless. So the scientist and his assistant sling the surfboard out of the cargo hold and it just sort of glides down this big rock hallway, stopping next to an inert vaguely humanoid metal statue. While they're bickering about what tools they'll need, the surboard split in two lengthwise, and sticks to either side of the statute - powering it up. It immediately splits into three parts, legs, torso, and head. From the legs sprouts a skeletal torso and arms, from the torso, a leg pop out the bottom and a head emerges, and from the head, a skeletal spider-like structure emerges. All three sprout guns, and blow the hell out of the scientists. They then proceed to separate - the legs and torso going to kill the mutineers, and the head going to another structure, where it warms up an incubator that starts spitting out dog-sized organisms covered in fangs and claws with chameleon-like plats of armor. Which then proceed to murder the heck out of the mutineers.

The surviving suit fights her way back to the ship, avoiding robots, mutineers and aliens, and blasts off to head back to earth and HQ.

Then I woke up. Went to the bathroom, scratched my back - went back to sleep


The surviving suit made it back to earth, but unknown to her, one of the mutineers who was a member of a Brazilian drug cartel,put himself in hibernation in an escape pod, and also returned to earth. The aliens followed close behind. When he returned, he got the cartel to invade the house of the company woman while she was re-uniting with her family. They attacked, and following their scent were the aliens - who also attacked. The cartel members cordoned off the house with the aliens and announced that they were going to let the aliens do the work - while they kept the house surrounded. Of course, some of them got eaten on the way out. Fortunately, the family were all Libertarian gun-nuts, and all of them - after losing a few to the aliens, produced weapons and scattered, finding defensible hiding spots. My dream POV shifted to find grandma in the kitchen, with a big handgun. Somehow (don't remember exactly) there was a countdown, and everyone just had to survive a certain period of time. I was like, "Grandma, how did you survive this long?" And she puts her gun to her lips in a shushing motion and whispers, "It's MY kitchen."

Unfortunately, some of the details have faded - I think I woke up after that, but I lay awake for a little while trying to keep the details fresh. With some tinkering, I think this would make a half-decent movie, particularly the first part.

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