Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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Have you ever had that fantasy of splitting yourself in two, so one of you could go to work and do chores, while you did all the fun stuff? That's exactly what happened to me this morning - I woke up to find I'd split in two. "This is fantastic." I said. "Now we can go to work and get a lot done, really put the nose to the grindstone, and catch up on the documentation for that project plus the latest generation of VmWare. But also stay home, make Christmas gifts, and play video games!"

"Exactly!" said my clone. "So much work done, but so much fun!"

"So, I'll just wear sweats all day. You can get clean work pants out of the dryer. Which one of us makes the coffee?" I asked.

"Hold on there, Hoss," said my clone. "Who says I'm wearing the pants? I want a day without pants, too. You're the clone, you go to work."

"No way man, you're the clone, you do the work! I get to chill and eat pancakes. That you're going to make me."

So yeah, that didn't work out at all. Now I'm stuck with two nerds. I'm going to need a lot more underwear.

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