Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Single? No.

Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

I was reminded this morning of a funny exchange at the train station in Dorset on our honeymoon. We were taking the train from New Park farm (pictured here) where we stayed with pyr8queen's friends for a couple of days to London. I bought two tickets for the express to Victoria Station.

The stationmaster asked, "Single?"

I replied, "No, the other ticket is for my wife."

He laughed a deep belly laugh and said, "Bless you no, sir - I meant not round trip. I wasn't asking after your marital status!"

I blushed, and he kept laughing. "The other one is for my wife! Thanks for that, sir, I'll tell the lads."

Yeah, so apparently, in England, they don't say "one way" they say "single" or "return." Oops.


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