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Picnic on Emerald Bay

Rockpile Catalina
Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

[Unknown LJ tag]'s family has a sort of religious connection to Catalina - they make pilgrimages there frequently, they undergo all sorts of trials and tribulations to get there, and stay as long as they possibly can.

I've been over quite a few times since I met Herself, and some of the trips have been very nice, and some of them have been kind of disastrous. Imagine nearly sinking on the way over, arriving to find cold weather, rain, fog and heavy swells. Or engine problems knocking out the dinghy halfway to land. Or ferocious allergies.

Through it all, I've been slightly perplexed by their singular obsession with Catalina. But I finally got a nearly perfect weekend - every morning was cool and misty, with sun and fleecy clouds making for a bright, beautiful day by mid-morning. Mild wind, calms seas, no mechanical faults (except once caused by me when Herself urged me to start a skiff that didn't belong to me "like the zombie apocalypse was happening". We'd have been goners! In my defense, the button said "start" - it seemed obvious. How was I to know it would short out the engine and blow a fuse?)

Every day involved some sort of lazy activity revolving around finding novel places to eat, drink and engage in leisure activities. Blink vastly enjoyed chasing bees (with little success) and being much admired whenever we went ashore. It was a Wodehouse-esque weekend, with few worries, many pleasures, and charming all around.

If every trip was like this one, I would totally get the obsession. As it is, I have a bit more insight into the family psyche - I think these are people who just can't relax unless they went through Hell to get to someplace interesting, on a vehicle of their own making, that is prone to expensive failures, but THIS time, by gum, this TIME it worked!

This picture is from the beach in Emerald Cove, on a place you can't get to any way but boat (or really, seriously hardcore swimming, I guess...) where we landed a pop-up tent, chairs, a grill, snorkelling stuff, drinks, food and reading materials. And a dog, who went absolutely berserk chasing anything that could or was thrown, including lotion bottles.


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