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Dance with dragons dedication

Dance with dragons dedication
Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

I've been waiting 11 years for this book. Sure, "A Feast For Crows" came out five years ago, but it didn't include the continuation of the stories of some of my favorite characters. There were particular cliff-hangers (which because not all of you have read the books I won't detail) that i've waited ELEVEN YEARS to find out about.

Today is the official release date, but I reasoned that the Kindle version might release at midnight EST, or 9pm out here. So last night I kept checking and checking and checking... to no avail. I woke up, tossing and turning at 4AM and checked, and voila, there it was! Delivered wirelessly, something that was unthinkable when the last book was published. And here was the dedication.

MAN I am excited about this book! So far - totally worth the wait!


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