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Best. Dog. Ever.

So I feel really guilty, because I don't deserve the awesome dog that I have. Yesterday pyr8queen and I planned an impromptu meal with two friends at A-Frame in Culver City. The meal was amazing, and A-Frame is one of the best places I've been to in L.A.

But halfway through dinner, we realized that I'd assumed she'd stopped off at home after work, and she assumed the same about me. Neither one of us has. I felt awful, just awful, realizing that this meant I'd left Blink alone for over 12 hours.

After dinner I rushed home. I expected to find the place torn up, poo and urine everywhere, and a miserable dog. Instead, what I got was a perfectly clean house, and a dog that was flat-out overjoyed to see me. I took him out for a walk right away, and he was so happy and bouncy that he galloped up and down the street, playing "tag" with me.

He wolfed down his food when I filled his bowl, and I saw that he'd left water in his bowl. Knowing that he couldn't get out, he waited until I was home to drink anything. What a great dog! He's just the best!

I'll never leave him alone like that again, but I'm so grateful that he was okay when I did.

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