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Been a while since I hit ya with some music on a Monday, so here you go. This is the worst song in the world, and the video actually makes it a fair piece worse, making it the worst of the worst of the worstest.

I encourage you not to watch this video or hear this song, unless I don't like you. In which case, you HAVE TO SEE IT, OMG!!!! IT'S THE BEST!

But the song is redeemed by Matt Mulholland who has so much angsty fun with it, that I wish he were my best friend and we would play video games together and bitch about women but also eat pizza and drink beer and recognize that doing so wouldn't be half so fun if it weren't for the women. Who are soft and smell nice.


Mar. 21st, 2011 10:02 pm (UTC)
So, I played the first one for my wife and roommate and was met with "oh dear god WHY" and then I played the second one and it was met with laughter for about 30 seconds before they made me turn it off.

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