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At least it's data...

So many people have reported success with the "slow-carb" approach advocated by Tim Feriss, and it sounds fairly non-burdensome. So this is me, just shy of two weeks in.

If indeed I'm to have lost half of 20 lbs of fat, I am not doing too well. While I am a few pounds lower than I was at start, it's certainly not ten. My clothes do not fit any looser, and my belt is still on the same hole.

I have to measure my total inches, so I don't have that data point, and not a really reliable measure of percent body fat. (Unless "too fucking much" is scientifically rigorous.) But I do have one data point that is incontrovertible. I am palpably stronger.

I have increased all the weights I left by something like 50%, which is nothing to sneer at. This mean, scien-damn-tifically, I have more muscle mass under the pudding somewhere. It has to. I'll gather more data points to track, but that at least, I can point to and say, "Hey, this is improvement."

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