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Bachelor Night

So tonight it's just me and the dog. There's this complicated saga about how Herself has to pick up her car from the shop but it requires stopping at a certain bank first, and all this stuff - the upshot of which, she is at her parent's house, and I will be at home.

Though I don't love being on my own for a night, normally I take it as an opportunity to play video games and eat unhealthy foods. But in this case I can not do the latter, as I've made a serious promise - and I can't do the former because my internet connection at home is down. I logged a "support chat" with Verizon today, and they kept telling me to resume the chat from home. I kept pointing out that I had no internet access, and couldn't do so - the entire reason for the call. Then I had to run a program from home. But again, no internet access.

This feels like a pretty easy concept to master for support techs. So, anyway, looks like it's man-movies and some sort of craft-project with the dog, for me!


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Feb. 22nd, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)
Healthy "junk foods":

* freeze dried green beans. zomg tasty! I get them locally from a place that just dusts them lightly with sea salt, and it is WAY better than potato chips.
* if you can find it-- freeze dried kale "chips" - better than the green beans, but harder to find.
* dates with almonds stuffed inside them. Maybe a little cream cheese if the dates are big enough. Way better than candy!
* kiwis, kiwis, kiwis!

That's my snack food staples. I also keep good supplies of pumpkin seeds, cashews, and prunes (keep your gut happy, and your butt keeps YOU happy).
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