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Meat Hangover and Valentine's Day

Last night I made steak au poivre and some other stuff for pyr8queen, her brother, his wife, and two other friends. Unlike past big dinner parties, everything turned out basically right, and I didn't have too much trouble getting everything to come out together and not too stressfully.

But the thing is, cooking that much for that long at such a fast pace means I can't chit-chat with friends and family, can't enjoy a nice glass of wine, and when I finally get to sit down to eat, I've been dealing with food so long I don't really savor it.

Maybe everyone was just being polite, but they seemed to really enjoy the steak, whereas all I could see was the flaws and ways I'd liked to have made it better. I think I've been cooking too much too often, and need to take a little break. After tonight, that is, when I'm making carre d'agneau ala moutarde. (Rack of lamb in mustard)

Maybe I'm just tired and a little hung over from the wine. Man I'm glad I don't own a restaurant or something.

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