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To 2011, and beyond!

You know, 2010 was a stressful year, but it had lots of good things. I got engaged, I kept my job even in the middle of the big meltdown, and I learned some new skills that are interesting and fun. I'm okay with 2010 for me.

But not for many of my friends and family. So many of them are in poor health, jobless, strange living situations, or lovesick or lonely. This is not ok.

So I'm hoping that 2011 brings lots of good things for the people who matter the most. I'm doing just fine, I don't need any great good fortune, I'll manage. But if it were possible to pass on one's good karma, I'd give it to a few folks who need it most - I hope luck, circumstance and opportunity does for them what I can't.

C'mon 2011, let's spread some cheer!

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