Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

[6/18/2002 12:02:00 PM | David Krieger]

Monday comes, and I'm awaiting the delivery of my "new" fridge. It was supposed to arrive at noon, but after a 20 hour ordeal at work starting early Saturday and ending early Sunday, I didn't mind that they were late, it gave me a chance to stretch my legs and go down to the cafe, and get an over-priced panini that reminds me of all the over-priced panini's in Venice. I sat out on the sidewalk, read my book ("House of the Vestals" by Steven Saylor - a cracking good mystery set in ancient Rome) and do some people watching. I trudged back up Mt. Kolvir to go home, and waited.

And waited. And waited. At 8pm, the guys finally showed. However, by then I had discovered that the problem was with the wiring all along,and not with the fridge. I had the old fridge unplugged, cleaned, and ready to go - and the breaker still tripped. So, in short - had I discovered this three weeks ago, I could have plugged my fridge in to a different outlet elsewhere in the house, saved all my food that spoiled instead, and saved myself the trouble and expense of getting a new fridge.

Anyway, after seething for hours, they finally showed up to deliver the new one. The two guys walked into my house, and were flat-out amazed. They especially loved the back yard, they asked if they could go walk around and check it out. One guy said, "Bet you have some parties back there!" and I said, "Damn straight!". Which reminds me, that after talking with the lovely and eccentric girl, it's high-time I had another theme party. I'm planning on August, now I just have to pick a theme.

My landlord finally came over to look at the wiring, too. After getting put off by him for weeks, he's finally aware that there's a problem that he needs to fix. We started talking about the house - he said he designed... get this... to look like a pirate galleon! The bowed window in the front is meant to look like the rear Captain's Cabin of a galleon, the back deck is meant to be like the hold and forecastle... he's also an avid armor collector, and was impressed with the Roman lorica in my front window.

He's purchased two shore lots, too - one of which he says he's actually turn into a boat up on stilts by building a hull around it, and turning the front and back decks into fore and aft decks. This is thing - he buys properties and then does very creative things with renovating them. He may be erratic, and weird... but I have to admire the attention to detail and love that he puts into his houses. He's definitely some sort of mad artisan - if I ever buy a house and have a ton of money, I'd hire him in a second to renovate it. Just not to do the upkeep...

So anyway - after flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet, it looks like the entropy tides are finally receding. I still get bad news in the mail basically every day - thousand dollar charges from the emergency room, six hundred dollars in fines from a parking lot I don't park in... all sorts of joy, every day. Mind you, I never get GOOD news in the mail. So why exactly do I want mail, I ask you? Can't I just skip it?

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