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I'm out of the habit of frequent updates here. I will fix that. Today I'm not at work because my best friend is visiting from Philly. He's due to arrive soon, so I cleaned this morning, though the place was already in fine condition thanks to the ministrations of Herself. A few details but nothing important remain.

My cat, who has been a faithful companion for over 12 years, is wheezing and snurfly. I hope it's just the cold - she's finally decided she can hang out with the dog around. Last night, for instance, she and the dog both sat and the couch with me, which is big progress. She's a great cat. Be healthy, my barfy little love!

Tonight we're having supper at Casablanca, an irrationally decorated Mexican seafood place. They specialize in squid steak, every one of which is like a tiny triumph. Squiddy bastards. I told The Hobbit I wanted to take him to the Venice Freak Show and he said, "Oh yeah, Venice Beach is like the best show in town." I had to correct him. "No, it's literally a freak show. Like, carnie side show, with two-headed animals and the amazing wolf-boy." Five bucks, and fun for the whole family!

Though he'll be in town for just over a week, he's only staying in L.A. for a couple of day, and the rest of the time lighting out, for some reason, to San Diego. Even with a week, I wouldn't run out of crazy things to show him - with just a few days I can't even graze the surface.

I'm going to update this thing every day this week, if possible - which means Disneyland, fancy French dinners, and a few TBD delights. Probably no zombies. Probably.

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