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North Korea blows my mind

I'm reading another book about North Korea. It just blows my mind. One thing we all know is North Korea is one of the most heavily militarized nations on earth, right? Turns out they spend about 30% of their GNP on military spending.

Which, as it turns out, is about half as much as we do.

Ah, ok, I see what I did there - I'm wrong. We spend about half as much as they do...I was conflating GNP and the Federal Budget. But our Federal budget is about 21% of the GNP.

Ok, whew, all this morning I was thinking we were twice as militarized as North Korea, but we're only about 1/3 as much - it's just that our GNP is so much higher than theirs that that fraction equals much more than theirs. Ok, we're not that crazy. Thank god.

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