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Blink is not a natural hunter

This weekend we went to the SCA's Great Western War to get to know some of the local SCAdians. We were excited to see that there was a "hound coursing" event, where dogs are enticed to chase a "hare" along a rope-and-pulley course. The hare is just a white plastic bag tied to the line, but the motor they have it hooked up to (distinctly not Medieval, I know...) moves it along in a fairly hare-like manner, especially when it jinks and turns on the pulleys they have set along. The dogs loved chasing it, and most of them were very good about waiting until the hare set off and the hunt master called "Tally ho!".

Theoretically, Blink should be good at this. He's mostly a sight hound breed, specifically bred to be good at coursing hares. Famously, so, in fact! Blink is the shame of his breed, however, and I have the evidence to prove it.

Observe the ridiculous creature lying down on the grass rather than readying for the hunt! See how he bounds off in completely the opposite direction, and then bounces around trying to play with other dogs. Witness how the hare is completely unmolested in this!

Silly dog!

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