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Alarm Dog

Blink likes for me to wake up at the same time every day. He wants me to get up at 7AM, just before he does. If I don't get up at 7, he walks over to my side of the bed and growls or barks until I get up.

The other night, however, I was up all night for one reason or another, and didn't even fall asleep until about 6, so I was in no mood to get up at 7. I resisted Blink's blandishments, and rolled over. This time he gave up, jumped up on the bed and flomped down half onto my legs and slept with me until I had to get up to dial into a work meeting.

So last night, punchy from two days without much sleep, and on the verge of the cold that's going around, I took Nyquil. At 7AM, I was still dopey from the 'quil, and didn't get up. Blink growled, then wandered around the house. Eventually he decided it was time to raise the stakes, and he licked the bottom of my feet.

I got up, like you do, when something licks your feet. I stumbled over to the door to let Blink out, but he refused to go outside. Then he went back to HIS bed, curled up and went back to sleep. Because clearly it was me that was supposed to be up and doing stuff, not the dog.

Thanks, Blink!

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