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Facebook, drama factory

Facebook may be more trouble than its worth, in a lot of ways. One of the constant little thorns it provides is when friends talk about doing something to which one hasn't been invited.

On the other hand, I suppose it's a useful gauge to whether someone is really a friend or not. On the third hand, that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy; some oversights are unintentional, but if interpreted as deliberate slights can be made worse than they need be.

Whatever the case, I'm left with the lingering feeling that several people whom I consider friends do not feel likewise. I mean, they no doubt think of themselves as friends to themselves, that would be nuts if they didn't. I just mean, I think of them as friends, and they do not think of me as a friend. Here we define "friend" as something more than an acquaintance. Not a Quaker or anything like that. Though I'd be happy if I had a friend who was a Friend in addition to friend. That would be cool, and make for interesting birthday cards, full of puns.

In short - Facebook may be good or bad, but Quakers are definitely good.

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