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Blink the Axis Mutt

So, the results from Blink's Doggie DNA report came back! And were most unexpected, though I think it might be because the DNA database of the company we used is pretty limited. Anyway, we've always thought he was half Pharaoh Hound and half Black Lab - but we were 100% wrong!

According to the report, he's mostly German Shepherd (1/3 to 3/4) with a bit of Italian Greyhound and Pomeranian (that blows my mind) and a tiny dash of Golden Retriever and Akita. So, German, Italian and Japanese - all the Axis powers!

The report did say that if they didn't have a record of a more obscure breed, they'd default to whatever was closest, so I still think he's Pharaoh Hound, and not Italian Greyhound - that would explain his size, body shape, face and especially, ears. But where did his black color come from? Ok, he got an Akita's curly tail...but Pomeranian? Really?

Anyway, he's the greatest dog in the world! We could pay another, larger, sum to get a more precise report from a different company, but what point are we spending too much money on something ridiculous? We know he's the greatest. What else matters?

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