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Leather craft and Eagles football - one of them went well.

I have started working on several leather crafting projects. It started with wanting to do a couple of minor things - making a sturdier strap for my viking drinking horn (a practical concern, since by its very nature, it is used in conjunction with drinking...) and a way to sling a shield on my back for nerdy pursuits. But a trip to the vendor that once upon a time The Hobbit referred to as "All Things Dead" (which is to say, Tandy Leather Factory) sparked a bunch of thoughts about things I could make. On my first trip I got materials for a couple of camp stools and some other projects.

And that got my thinking about other things I could make, too! So then a second trip garnered a bunch more tools and material and a lot more potential projects. I learned how to hand tool leather, and made a couple of items that way - a wallet and a belt, both tooled with celtic knot patterns.

I had an unsuccessful experiment with making cuir bolli armor. I didn't read the instructions I found carefully enough. "Boil the leather. Easy." thought I. To my chagrin the carefully measured and cut bracers I'd made shrunk to something like child-sized. It turns out you don't really boil it, per se - you just dip it in really hot water, and only for a few seconds. Ooops! Well, I've learned, and I won't make that mistake again.

I was working on this while watching the Eagles season opener against the Packers, which was a cavalcade of bad. The first half was an horrific display of incompetence, with new starting quarterback Kevin Kolb failing to move the ball, and then getting concussed and removed from the game - to be replaced by the biggest jerk in Philly football's history, Michael Vick. In the second half, Vick did a creditable job of saving the Eagles from a 27-3 blowout, and even threatening a late game comeback. So in the end, the Eagles played some pretty decent ball, but they had dug themselves such a huge hole they couldn't come back.

I expect this is a sign of things to come, unfortunately. And you know what? I don't care if Vick could guarantee a Super Bowl victory - or ever better, beating Dallas in every game - I still wish he weren't playing football, and was living in pathetic animal-abuser penury. All I have to do is think of someone forcing my Blink to fight to the death, and I am full of rage. I hope Kolb comes back as starter, even if he sucks. More than anything I wish they hadn't traded McNabb who was an amazing quarterback and all around decent egg. With a strong offensive line, and the talent they've got for receivers, he could have lead a very successful franchise.

Ah, Eagles. You never fail to disappoint with disappointment.

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