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Broken-hearted dog

Blink's doggie heart is broken, I think. I worked from home yesterday, and he seemed content to nap in the living room while I worked on my laptop.

But around 6pm, which is normally the time of day when Blink and Mab would really rev up into crazytown, he started pacing around the house. Then he accosted me on the couch, and started barking and howling.

I thought maybe he wanted food, water, or walkies - so I fed him, let him outside, and took him for a walk. But when I let him back in, he started barking and howling at me again. In an urgent "Timmy is down the well!" kind of way.

I think he just misses Mab. He doesn't have anyone biting his ears, he doesn't have anyone endlessly wrestling with him. I throw him toys and play with him, but not with the fanatic and tireless constancy that Mab had.

Poor fella. He misses his girl! I miss her too.

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