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The man who hustles stars

Some people hustle pool, some people hustle stars - then there's the man you've heard about, the man who hustles stars!

"Greetings, fellow star gazers!" The PBS station in Philly, WHYY ran "The Star Hustler" just before signing off at night. When I was a kid; old enough to be up late at night when PBS signed off, but young enough that my best late-night option was PBS, I loved "The Star Hustler". In later years, some preposterous kerfluffle of PC-ness made Jack Horkheimer change his show to "The Star Gazer" - but I will always remember him as the man who hustles stars. How pedestrian to gaze at them - but it takes a real operator to hustle a star, I tell you.

Here is an episode in its entirety - appropriately enough from August 18th to August 25th, albeit 1985. Jack Horkheimer died Saturday. He inspired who knows how many nerdlings to at least an interest in, if not careers in, science. I wish every night ended with a briefing from the Star Hustler, and a reminder to keep looking up.

Jack Horkheimer: The Man Who Hustles Star

Thank you, Star Hustler.

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