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The torment of time alone, by Louie C.K.

I like Louie C.K. - he's an honest comedian. His honesty is of the "shining the harsh light of reality" variety - and like looking into a mirror under natural light, one often sees the horrible truth. We're ugly people. Ok, now I've just implicated you, and that's not necessarily fair, maybe you're beautiful and perfect.

In his series "Louie" his daughters are out of town, so he has some time to himself. He tells his brother he's going to get motivated, do exercise, be healthy. And then ends up with a pint of ice cream. His first few bites are, "this is so good, how can something be this good? This is amazing. I am in love with this ice-cream!" Very quickly this turns into "I am ashamed of myself. Look at my beard, covered in dairy. This is a pint of shame. But it's almost gone. I can't stop now. I must finish this pint of shame."

Next thing you know, he's asleep on the floor with most of a pizza eaten, and an empty ice-cream container dripping onto the coffee table.

I have had that day. Like, many times. That's how you end up 39 (tomorrow!), overweight, and out of shape. What do you do when you're alone? Do you get some fresh air, jaunt down to the beach with the dog? Do you go running? Running used to be awesome, remember that? Remember being fit? Yeah, totally ought to do that. But I do have some ice cream in the freezer. And hey, this alone time, time to eat healthy food and go to the gym! yummy food and play video games!

So yeah. Watched that sequence on Louie, and realized I'd lived that very moment many times. Now excuse me, I'm working from home today, so I'm going to go workout at the gym at lunch time then walk the dog!

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