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Timing is everything

pyr8queen's parents had a BBQ during our Busy Weekend of 1000 Things. They sent us off with a passel of leftovers, hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, the works. So I brought some hot dogs, buns and potato salad to work for lunch.

During the vespa commute, they all sort of smooshed around, and the hot dogs got quite covered in potato salad. at lunchtime, when I started to heat them up, I tried to scrape the potato salad off the dogs with a fork, but it left creamy streaks of potato salad on the weiners. This wasn't sufficient, I didn't want to microwave hot potato salad onto the hot dogs. So I just took the expedient route of licking it off.

It was at that exact moment, me leaning over a counter licking something creamy off of a foot long hot dog, that our Senior Vice President and the head of the company walked into the kitchen.

Let me tell you kids. In comedy, timing is everything.

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