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Thank you, Steve Jobs

I was against re-upping with a new iPhone, preferring the open-market appeal of the Droid phones. Apple's walled garden is sleazy, and I don't like it. But then I found out that Droid phones send GPS information for every little thing you do to be collected and used for marketing purposes. That's just as sleazy (maybe even more so) and so it was a wash in terms of ethics.

So it was cheaper to upgrade to the iPhone4, and a head-to-head comparison of the specs called it basically even between it and the EVO, the other contender...which would have cost a $100 more. So I went with the 4. It's sleek and slick and improves one of my biggest nitpicks with the old iPhone, the crappy camera. So I'm satisfied.

Yes, the antenna attenuates a touch if you hold it a certain way. As a nominally left-handed person, this affects me somewhat, but not much. So it's a minor issue that has received much press since it highlights a chink in Apple's gleaming armor of reputation for perfection. (Because no one remembers the Newton, I guess?) They just announced they'll send me the case of my choice for free to make up for the antenna problem.

Ok, Apple was pretty graceless in dealing with their PR disaster, but their response is more than adequate to satisfy me. They've recognized there's a problem, and taken action to make amends. I'm satisfied. Steve Jobs is kind of a douche, but whatever, he's giving me free stuff so he gets a pass.

In the mean time, I will have limitless HD home movies of my dogs! (And also any bears or owls I encounter.)

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