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Hot Tub Time Machine

So I'm working on some stuff and we're watching "Hot Tub Time Machine". They get zapped back to 1986 and John Cusack (who would play me in the movie of my life) is asked by his romantic interest if, since he's know the future, if he's happy. He says, "Not really."

So I'm thinking. I get to go back to 1986. I tell 15 year old me what it's going to be like in 2010. Living on Venice Beach in a really groovy house. I've got a smokin' hot fiancee who is both a lawyer and a pirate. I've got two awesome dogs that people always ask me about, because they're just so darned cool. I've got two cats, and a job working in the tech arm of a huge entertainment company. I carry all my favorite music with me everywhere I go, and I've got a lot of friends that do all kinds of interesting things in all walks of life.

Uh yeah. I think I'd give myself a big ol' high five and carefully instruct myself not to change a thing.

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