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4th of frickin' July

The plan was to sail out to Catalina, raft up next to pyr8queen's parent's schooner "Pilot" and spend the weekend swimming, hiking, bbq'ing, snorkelling and generally being like happy otters on the warm Pacific with an infinite supply of oysters.

Instead, within a few minutes of shoving off, I was face down in the engine compartment, bailing the water that mysteriously was flooding the boat while pitching furiously in every direction in heavy seas and cold, overcast skies. Meanwhile, three humans out of four and one dog out of two were sea-sick. So no sooner did I have the engine bailed out (by pulling the intake out of the sink motor, and pumping it directly overboard via the galley faucet) than I was cleaning up dog vomit. (The dog helped by eating up as much as she could, first.)

So yeah, that was how it started. And while it certainly didn't get any worse than that, neither did it get much better. The skies only clearly briefly on Saturday evening; otherwise it was cold, overcast and sometimes rainy the entire time. The seas were rolling and restless with little respite.

The company was good, but everyone was somewhat cranky due to the conditions, and my attempt to rally spirits with muppet-based sea shanties met with limited success. Besides, I ran out of those pretty quickly. We had engine problems with the dinghy, the sink never made it back into proper function (my fault!) and the dogs were constrained to the ghetto of the tiny boat the entire weekend. Except when we could beg or borrow a dingy to get them ashore. No snorkelling. I even forgot to read the Declaration of Independence and toast confusion to King George, and unforgivable lapse on my part.


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Jul. 7th, 2010 06:19 am (UTC)
I maintain that it was a good weekend.

Other than the time I spent actively pitching my guts over the side, I had a very enjoyable

Even my sealegs experience on land was no worse than being comfortably buzzed.

And hiking through the clouds that hugged Catalina's southern peaks was very good times as well.

Thanks again for a fun trip!

Jul. 7th, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
well, you did a great job learning what to do, and asked a lot of good, pertinent questions. As a learning experience, I'm sure this was a good trip - after all, smooth sailing doesn't present many "teachable moments".

So yeah, I'm glad you guys had a good time! it's not as if it were an unmitigated disaster...but still, that was pretty much weekend trips at their worst, when at the end of it you're more tired, stressed and annoyed than you were when you left. A typical weekend in Catalina involves recharging the batteries rather than running them down, you know? Otherwise, why would we do it?
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