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Cold Ride

An interesting weather phenomenon today. A first in my experience. There was atmospheric condensation that was slightly too heavy to be called fog, but far too light to be called rain. It's not that there were drops of water falling from the sky - but rather enough water in the air for it to condense on anything that happens to be there.

All very interesting, except I was on Bluesephalus, the trusty Vespa this morning. Further, I'd neglected to wear a jacket. So as soon as I got under way, water starts to condense all over me. Only it's only a tiny amount of water, so the wind from zipping along the highways and byways of Los Angeles is more than sufficient to evaporate it just as fast as it condenses.

What kind of reaction is evaporation, class? It's an endothermic reaction! Which means it leaves the surface on which it occurs colder than before the reaction. So in addition to the wind on a cold and misty morning, I've got a constant cooling reaction occurring all over my body. This makes for a cold commute. I was sure I'd arrive at work pretty damp, too - moist, even. But no, just cold.

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