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Rescue Mission

Our dog is the greatest. I mean, I know everyone's dog is the greatest, but he really is.

So last week when pyr8queen found a picture on a pet adoption website that looked exactly like our dog, and was basically the same age, we figured she had to be related. He's very unusual, no one's ever seen a dog like him, and we get asked all the time where he came from. So his sister, we figure! 

She wasn't at a "no kill" shelter, so we were worried. They only keep dogs ten days, and after that they'll put them to sleep if the vet's assessment says they should. She'd been there three weeks already! We planned to rescue her and find a home for her. But happily, another couple committed to adopt her, which was the best solution.

Just to be sure, we called today to confirm that she'd been adopted...and she was still there! The other familiy cancelled, and once again, Blink's sister was in mortal peril! So I have to go rescue that poor dog - she's a beauty, and she's just like Blink, and she deserves a chance to be loved and be happy.

So we're off! If you want a dog just like Blink, let us know - we can't keep her long term, but we'll give her a good and happy home until we find her a permanent loving family.

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