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Russian Lord of the Rings

Last night, while working on crafty projects with pyr8queen and watching the newly Blu-Ray released Lord of the Rings, I had some crazy insight/question about the books that I had no answer for. Then faekeeper and I got on to talking about Quenya (and its delights compared to Sindarin) and then today I found this, the Russian illustrations for their edition of The Hobbit

Now I can't remember what my question was. But after watching some of the Russian teleplay of "The Hobbit" I've come to the conclusion that either the Russians really don't GET Tolkien, or at best they definitely dismiss it as child's literature. Which is funny, since Russian literature so often incorporate fantastic elements taken as normal in context, such as Golgol's "The Overcoat" or Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" Certainly those weirdly 2-d and blocky illustrations are more like woodcuts than anything else - as a child I probably would have found them frustrating, and competing for headspace with how I imagined Middle Earth. As an adult, it's an interesting look at how the Russians saw Bilbo and comrades -- Gollum is especially weird and bulbous.

Here is Bilbo Bungovich Bagginski talking with Gollum Smeagolski, under the mountain. You know the scene, I'm quite sure: bah, there's no way to embed the video, but it's the last one on the link above. It's totally worth watching for a few seconds!

All this is pointing towards me needing to do a re-read from Silmarillion right on, I think. I'm overdue, and starting to confuse my Turgons, my Thingols and my Tooks!

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