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"You're sicker than you think you are."

I like my doctor. He's an internist which is good. He's old-school in a lot of ways, but up on the latest technology and treatments, as well as well-connected amongst other medicos, so if he can't fix it, he knows who can. He's also got a dry, almost gallows, sense of humor. So yeah, I've been sick and kind of dizzy with a bit of a cough and sore throat for more than a week. Very low-grade so I didn't worry much about it, until my heart started having weird palpitations and odd intervals, which was un-nerving, and very much not the sort of thing one wants to ignore.

So today I found out my old friend asthma is back, with his buddy bronchitis. I've been through this plenty of times before, it used to happen a lot when I was a kid and I'm sure was triggered by seasonal allergies. In fact, I've ignored it cavalierly in the past, too, and it turned into pneumonia once.

So, today I had my first EKG. The doc identified the bronchitis very quickly... low pulse-ox (oh, no energy...literally because I am low on fuel!) and gave me anti-biotics and an inhaler. But he's reluctant to let me use the inhaler much, since it can make the heart beat fast - something I remember well from when I was a wheezy, allergic, asthmatic nerdling. Without identifying whatever weird stuff my heart is doing, it could be dangerous.

So I get to spend tomorrow hooked up to a heart monitor to get 24 hours of data recorded, and then talk to him again.

I'm 38. I'm not ready to have heart problems. Maybe when I'm 138. Not now.

I blame the dog.

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