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She said "Yes". Actually, she said, "Of course."

I got a bunch of friends in on the plan - we told pyr8queen that we were going to take a funny group picture on her favorite ride "Splash Mountain" and all wave foam swords and hold up a sign that said "Arr Matey".

The truth, which everyone but her knew about, was I'd made a sign that reversed, and on the hidden side, it said, "Marry Me". When we went down to the picture booth and she saw the sign, I'd present her with the ring.

Alas, few things ever really go according to plan, and that day the cameras were broken. Which I didn't know, so when we got to the photo booth, there was no picture, and she had no idea anything unusual had happened. Thus her surprise - though fortunately Paul G was around to get this video.

She immediately got on the phone and called her mother, which can be seen in this photo. Later, joemorf was singing as a Dapper Dan, and hauled Herself and I up for a funny bit of barbershop quartet. Through the whole thing, I'm carry this silly white plastic bag in which the sign was hidden...funny how you just don't imagine such a quotidian detail in the midst of the moment.

Later, even more friends joined us for a celebratory dinner at Hook's Pointe, a pirate-themed seafood restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel; thus accomplishing both engagement and engagement party in the same day.

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