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Clumsy degg

Clumsy degg
Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

I've written before about the unadulterated joy that Blink experiences in that golden moment when he's sitting hopefully by the door and I finally hold up his leash. This indicates that it is - joy of joys! - o sheer transcendent bliss! WALKIES!

He usually hops up on two legs and paws the air and me and then the air some more to express this happiness. This morning, as he was doing his Dance of Joy, he got so excited that his hind legs went completely out from under him on the hardwood floor. He tried to twist to recover, but ended up doing a full-on, legs-completely-splayed bellyflop. It was fantastically clumsy. He landed spread-eagle like you'd made a dog-skin rug and put it on the floor.

He was largely undaunted, however. Despite being stunned for just a second when his jaw hit the floor, he hopped up and attempted to look as if nothing at all were unusual, and it was totally time to go on a walk! Sadly I missed a picture of the dog-skin rug, but I did get this one, soon after when he was attempting to look cool again.


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Mar. 4th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
sometimes the best joy of the day is being with the critters.

Did a major clean/wax of the kitchen floor last week. Grainne's fluffy toes could find no traction. Results were hilarious, and increased when Cuchulain came leaping in to play with her. Ah, it feels good to laugh.
Mar. 4th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Re: snarf...
I have a related but opposite problem with my cat, Lolita. She is abjectly terrified of Blink the dog. So much so that she largely refuses to come out, except when he's asleep in his crate. As a result, her claws have gotten sort of long-ish since she doesn't scratch things as much. (I've put a little cat-fortress in the closet which includes a scratching post, but of course she refuses to use it.)

So now on those rare occasions when she does creep out to say hello, usually when I'm on the computer, her frenzied attempts to escape the dog if he comes to investigate are a threat to life and limb - she'll get her claws stuck in my clothes, usually on my thigh or in my "lap" (to put it politely) while she desperately yowls and tries to escape the horrible dog-monster.

To anyone but me, I'm sure this is hilarious.
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