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How not to do customer service

A what is sure to be short-lived business opened up at the Howard Hughes Center recently. It's called "PowerSurge" and it's a store-front gaming center where you pay by the minute to play X-box, Wii or Playstation games. Why is it sure to be short-lived?

Well, first the concept itself; the people who are likely to be willing to pay to play games probably own a console, and would get better value from renting a game from BlockBuster than paying by the minute, if they're not inclined to buy the game in the first place. And second, it's clearly run by a bunch of young guys who don't know what they're doing. I walked in wearing my N-7 hoodie, literally advertising on my sleeve that I play video games.

I walked in, saw the consoles and screens and said, "So what do you guys do here?" The response from the guy behind the desk was a snarky, "We do pay-to-play console gaming. But not for Mass Effect fans!"

I'm sure he thought he was funny. My response was "Oh, well in that case, have a great night." And I left. And I won't be back!

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