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Cabin dog

Cabin dog
Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

Blink and I are keeping watch over the cabin at June Mtn while pyr8queen and her friend are off skiing. It was supposed to be this big group trip, but true to LA form, everyone flaked.

It's okay, I've got a roaring fire and a sleepy dog to keep me company. I just finished Bernard Cornwell's latest book in his Viking series, and before we left I downloaded "Napoleon: Total War". Ever since the first in the series, "Shogun" I've been an avid fan of the games, and as this is set in my particular favorite era of history, I'm over the moon. I brought along a bottle of Unibroue's excellent beer "Maudite" - and at the altitude of June Lake Mtn, one bottle is more than enough to summon a cheer that, while it can't hold a candle to Bonaparte's joy after Austerlitz, is still an excellent antidote to an unpleasant altercation at work just before I left. Never mind that I forgot my ski jacket, foiling yet again my plans to snowboard - today is a fine day full of cheery geek-comforts. Tomorrow I'm slow-simmering an Irish lamb-and-guinness stew that should prove to be excellent.

Today, I savor a cozy cabin with the company of an excellent fire and excellenter hound.


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