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And really, what's better than a box of kittens?

This weekend marked pyr8queen's cousin's birthday, so we drove up to Santa Barbara to attend. Along the way we took Blink to a dog-friendly beach. Blink doesn't like the water much, but he definitely likes running and playing with other dogs that are running. At first he was very chary of coming near us, figuring we were going to grab him up and make him leave, and he still doesn't come when called. But a few times he decided digging was really fun, so we were able to grab hold of him but not put him on the leash. Hoping this would make him relaxed about when it really was time to leave.

It didn't work, and it took quite a bit of doing. But anyway, off to the birthday party, which was a theme of fairy-tale whimsy. This involved orange battles, spaghetti dancing, some other games, and then eventually fish pie and cupcakes. There was a very large birthday poster which featured a box of kittens. When one put one's eye up to the box of kittens, it would reveal a laptop and the following:

And really, what's better than a box of kittens?

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