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Project Captain America, Day One

Got up early, took all my "day one" measurements, weighed myself, started the work out. pyr8queen joined in some of the time, and some of the time did laundry and other chores, which I believe is her idea of a "rest break". In addition, Blink The Dog was as helpful as he could be, in the form of biting resistance bands, licking ankles, and sniffing my face while I was stretching.

After the workout, a protein shake. Alas, no Super Soldier Serum, nor any Vita-Ray Treatment. It was a fairly comprehensive circuit training type thing, and though it only took forty minutes, I was thoroughly blown afterward. As a particular indicator of how far I've fallen, I know for a fact I used to be able to do 100 narrow or "diamond" push-ups (Where you make a diamond of your hands, and do push-ups) without stopping. Now I can do three. And three candy-assed ones, too, the kind a drill sergeant would loudly count "zero. zero. zero." while you did them, because none of them count.

At the end of this ninety day phase, I step up into the "extreme" version of the same program, but basically it's a good, thorough exercise regimen with flexibility, balance, strength and cardio all equally represented.

Starting is easy. Sticking with it is what's needed, but once I start to see results - and I'm so far gone that it can't help but be fairly instantaneous! - I'm sure I'll find my motivation. Plus it's not a huge time commitment, and is just a good way to start the day, and fits in easily with my schedule. I'm feeling good! At 30, I ran my first the time I'm 40, maybe I'll be doing them again!

Now we're off to buy a new bike, one more suitable for commuting. Tomorrow is one of Philadelphia's high holy days (Eagles Vs. Cowboys) so if you're up for some football and boardgames afterwards, drop me a line, we're getting started at 1:15pm. I got pyr8queen Settlers of Catan for Christmas, so we're going to try that, and Monty Python Fluxx, which is a hoot. Possibly also Carcassone.

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