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Dec. 22nd

As for Dec. 22nd, I will have lived in Los Angeles for five years. I will also be completely (unsecured) debt free. Which, given that I've moved into a much more expensive place and had my bills go up commensurately, is a not inconsiderable feat. Let it never be said that I've contributed to our country's irresponsible debt problem. (Anymore.)

Five years in LA, and some of the fundamental LA issues still bother me - like flaky people, rampant entitlement and a general sense that doing crappy or inconsiderate things is not a problem, but taking someone to task for doing so IS a problem.

But the sublime Spring-times, cool and pleasant Winters, abundance of exciting cultural experiences and bustling work opportunity more than outweigh the inconvenience. While my health has been pretty dreadful this last year, I have prospered. I'm sensible of how lucky I am, especially given the poor fortune that so many people I know and care about have suffered.

Things to accomplish; get the dog to come when called, get in as good a physical shape as I was when I moved here, return to activity in Aikido and Masonry, get a movie made. Oh, and punch a shark.

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