Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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Life is Magical and Full of Joy borrow a phrase from grrm, though I doubt he shares my sentiments. Life is magical twice over - first because the Eagles beat the G-Men in a very hard-fought, high-scoring game first first place in the NFC East conference. Go Iggles!

And second, because of the only other team I actually care about. I say "care" very particularly, I do not LIKE this team, indeed, I loathe and abhor them the same way kids hate liver or fat guys hate celery. (I hate celery.) I'm talkin' about the mother-lovin' sons-of-beaches Dallas Cowboys. (ptooie!) who lost ignominiously to the Chargers today. Any day where the Eagles win and the Cowboys lose is the best kind of day, that could only be improved if it were the Eagles who beat them.

Ok, the pneumonia sucks, and I've been hacking up my left armpit all day, and I believe the attendant physical stress has loosened the top of my skull somewhat, as it feels both sore and wibbly.

But I'm happy everywhere but my lungs.

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