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Moving Stress

Closing in on a week after the move (and two or three after starting the moving process) we're still not really close to finished. The carpet in the master bedroom was kinda nasty, so Herself decided we ought to tear it up. At first I agreed, it was me that insisted the carpet was unacceptable, after all. I now regret my position - in addition to painting, we've had to pull up the carpet, yank out the tacks, sand, caulk, prime and paint the floor - plus the walls and ceiling.

So without the master bedroom, the rest of the house is a shambles - pieces of furniture, mattress, carpets, box springs, boxes - still jammed up everywhere. Plus we can't get at the loft for storage, so everything that belongs there is still lined up in every space. And we sleep on the floor. Plus the plumbing exploded, and the plumber has had to dig up a WWI-worthy trench to get at the pipe under the house. Getting sat-TV installed was a nightmare, the phone was a pain, and the dog is so freaked out he keeps pooping indoors and running away. And he has fleas. So now I have fleas. And I only have myself and my own carpet-snobbery to blame.

I know, at the end of this, it will be better than my old apartment. But for the moment it's a massive step backwards, a huge mess, chaos, uncomfortable. I'm so stressed out, literally flea-bitten, and irritated. I can't wait for all this to be done and settled down. Tonight, at least, the floor should be done enough to put a bed down instead of sleeping on the floor.

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